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Agent Or Broker?
Real estate professionals go by a few different names. However, the only thing that should worry you is to make certain the broker or agent you choose to work with is a licensed real estate professional. All real estate brokers and sales agents are licensed and regulated by each state. If you're not certain your agent is licensed, simply ask to see the license. Or, you can call the state agency that regulates real estate agents and brokers in your state and verify the license.

What's the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker? To become a real estate agent, an individual must complete the required number of hours of classes and pass the agent's exam. To become a broker, the agent must then take additional classes, have a specified amount of experience in the field (usually a year), and pass another exam. Both agents and brokers are typically required to take a certain number of hours of continuing education courses, and they may also take additional courses to garner a few extra letters after their name. Being a broker means that that person can open, run, and own a real estate agency. Agents, on the other hand, must work under a broker.

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